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1.5 KW 55rpm Large Industrial Ceiling Fans For Garage

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: daisen

Certification: RoHS, ISO, UL, CE, SGS

Model Number: DS

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS

Price: Negotiation

Packaging Details: Wooden

Delivery Time: 3 days

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Money Gram

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55rpm Industrial Ceiling Fans


1.5KW Industrial Ceiling Fans


1.5KW Industrial Ceiling Exhaust Fan

HS Code:
Guangzhou, China
Transport Package:
Wooden Package
Diameter 7.3 Meters
HS Code:
Guangzhou, China
Transport Package:
Wooden Package
Diameter 7.3 Meters
1.5 KW 55rpm Large Industrial Ceiling Fans For Garage

Product description


"DAISEN"industrial ceiling fan technical standard
Model Number ----------------------------------------------------------DS-7.3
Operation mode ---------------------------------------------------------Forward Run
Diameter ------------------------------------------------------------------24 FT / 7.3 Meters
Blade Style -------------------------------------------------------------  Airfoil/OP
Number of Blades   -------------------------------------------------------  6
Nominal Horsepower ------------------------------------------------  2.0 HP / 1.5 kW
Hanging Weight (average)  --------------------------------------  156Kg
Shipping Weight (Including control box, Mounting Hardware) (average)   186 Kg
Maximum dB-------------------------------------------------------------------60
(*dB Values Were Obtained by Testing. Specific Applications/Installation values may vary.

Performance (at max speed)
Displacement (fwd, blowing down)  ---------- 16800 CMM( m3/min)
Maximum Speed-----------------------------------------------------------  50 RPM
Power Usage @ Max. Speed ----------------------- 1.5 kW
Efficiency @ 100% Max. Speed  ------------------------------ 8.53CMM/Watt
Maximum Effective Area(varies according to different installation height, as well as below obstacles)----600-1400 m2
Typical Industrial Spacing --------------------------------------------12-40 Meter

Mounting Hardware
Standard Mount---------------------------------
Universal I-Beam Clamp w/ Swivel Joint and 250mm Drop
Glulam Mount (Optional) Brackets w/ Swivel Joint &200MM Drop

Additional Drop Extensions (Puyou)--------- Up to 2m in 20cm Increments
gear motor  ------------------------------------------------------- CV40-30-1500
bearing structure ------------------------------------------------------- SKF heavy load bearing
design life -------------------------------------------------------  12 years
HP  -------------------------------------------------------   2 / 1.5 kW
Ambient Operating Temperature-------------   -20 C° to +40C°
Insulation Class -------------------------------------- H
Protect Class------------------------------------------IP 55
Work Contition------------------------------------------- continuous S 1
Service Factor---------------------------------------- 0.8/0.78
Type -------------------------------------------------------- 2-Stage Helical
Service Interval-------------------------------------------synthetic gear lubricating grease,maintenance free
Motor Control Panel (MCP)
Standard Power and Max Amp Draw-------------------- --220V AC 2Ø (16A)   OR  380 AC 3Ø (20A)
power indication light-------------------------------------------------------fault/running(red/green)
RF Line Filter-------------------------------------RF
Air Breaker--------------------------------------- Schneider 220V1Ø 16A  380V3Ø16A
VFD Motor Drive Cable -----------------RVV1*
Frequency Converter-------------------------
poleless frequency controller,(1.5KW)|380V/220V
Safety Components
turnbuckle screw
mechanical anti-dropping structure
plastic coated steel cable
Blade Retainer Links (6), Safety Cable, Guy Wires (Ceiling mount only)
high strength screws and anti-skid nuts of 8.8,10.9, 12.9 grade for differnt structures.
one year part warranty on Motor,blade, Gearbox & Control Panel.

Product model
  Model Voltage Power Diameter Max speed Volume Noise grade Weight
Fengshen seires DS-7.3 220V/380V 1.5KW 7.3M 50 16800m³/min 60 156kg
DS-6.6 220V/380V 1.5KW 6.6M 55 12862m³/min 60 151kg
DS-6.0 220V/380V 1.5KW 6.0M 60 12261m³/min 60 148g
DS-5.4 220V/380V 1.5KW 5.4M 65 11963m³/min 60 144kg
Fengxing series DS-4.8 220V 0.75KW 4.8M 75 10675m³/min 40 60kg
DS-4.2 220V 0.52KW 4.2M 85 5213m³/min 40 56kg
DS-3.6 220V 0.40KW 3.6M 95 3326m³/min 40 52kg
DS-3.0 220V 0.35KW 3.0M 120 2673m³/min 40 48kg
Key component configuration

drive device 

Fengshen series fan adopts Taiwan/German gearbox motor
Fengxing series adopts the industry's first non carbon brush, large torque, DC drive motor, replacing the traditional motor speed reducer, realizing high integration, improving reliability and transmission efficiency
control device
Fengshen series fan adopts Taiwan / Germany brand inverter stepless speed change (optional explosion-proof controller) to configure circuit breaker overcurrent overload protection, cooling fan and other components

Fengxing series fan adopts a special brush free controller
fan blade 

The material of the fan blade adopts magnesium aluminum alloy T6 treatment, corrosion resistance, high strength, high toughness
Advanced fluid simulation software CFD simulation and wind tunnel test, in line with aerodynamic anti fatigue;
With the function of delay start, the load and impact of the motor are greatly reduced, and the service life is longer

Chinese Premium Large Industrial Fan with 24 FT Diameters

Structure components

The structural parts are formed by Q235B laser, bending the stiffener structure, and the thickest part is 8mm.
Alloy steel high strength bolts and anti-skid nuts are used for the bolts.
Steel wire rope and turnbuckle tension structure to stabilize the fan against falling
The integrated chassis can prevent the risk of fracture, the coupling anti falling structure can avoid screw defects, the chassis can be dropped, the hole arrangement design of plywood structure can prevent sliding, the adjustable structure is suitable for any installation conditions, and the arc-shaped adjustable waist hole can be adjusted to ensure the plane level of blade chassis

Chinese Premium Large Industrial Fan with 24 FT Diameters

Chinese Premium Large Industrial Fan with 24 FT Diameters
Comparison of three refrigeration methods in 1000 square meter plant

Refrigeration mode Quantity Power/unit Tall power General comparison
Central air conditioner 1 80KW 80KW The walls and doors and windows of the plant are required to be insulated. The cost of one-time investment of the equipment is high, and the maintenance cost of replacing the filter element and adding refrigerant is high
Traditional industrial fan 40 0.3KW 12KW The installation of traditional wall fans is limited by walls and columns. The power lines of floor fans are scattered, which has potential safety hazards. It is not safe for the hair of staff members to be mixed into the fan blades, which occupies a small space and covers a short service life
7.3M large industrial ceiling fan 1 1.5KW 1.5KW Large coverage area, long service life, low maintenance cost, installation does not occupy the workshop space, safety and environmental protection

The energy consumption of large industrial ceiling fan is about 1 / 50 of that of central air conditioner and 1 / 10 of that of traditional industrial wall fan

***Suitable places of installation: Any high enough structure of factory,sport center,logistic place,car repair workshops,supermarket, airport,package workshop,animal breading industry,any kinds of hall,as well as fitness center etc.
***Height of installation: "Fengshen" series products for 6 meters to 20 meters height.
                      "Fengxing" series products for 3 meters to 6 meters height.
***Solutions for the three main kinds of installation structures as above shown pictures.

There are various forms of building structures. We provide you with the installation methods of three common structures (right figure):
Chinese Premium Large Industrial Fan with 24 FT Diameters  Chinese Premium Large Industrial Fan with 24 FT DiametersChinese Premium Large Industrial Fan with 24 FT Diameters

Air flow of the fan

Chinese Premium Large Industrial Fan with 24 FT DiametersChinese Premium Large Industrial Fan with 24 FT Diameters



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