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180 MPa Air Exhaust extra large hvls industrial fans

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Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: daisen

Model Number: DS

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS

Price: Negotiation

Packaging Details: Wooden

Delivery Time: 3 days

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Money Gram

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180 MPa extra large hvls industrial fans


Air Exhaust hvls industrial fans


180 MPa hvls Big Warehouse Fans

Model NO.:
HS Code:
Guangzhou, China
Transport Package:
Wooden Package
Diameter 7.3 Meters
Model NO.:
HS Code:
Guangzhou, China
Transport Package:
Wooden Package
Diameter 7.3 Meters
180 MPa Air Exhaust extra large hvls industrial fans

Large Ventilation Ceiling Fan Covers 1000 Square Meters Cooling Area


Product description

The wind blown from large industrial ceiling fan feels like natural breeze system,the wind speed is just the best cool feeling of human skin. Personnel can feel the temperature difference 5-8 degree, provide personnel a suitable working environment in hot summer,therefore improve the production efficiency. 
Function of the fan:
The fan improve air exchange in an entire space, it's perfect streamlined design can produces 2-3m/s speed three-dimensional wind, and makes you feel like enjoying the natural breeze system.It promotes the dispersion of smoke, moisture, carbon dioxide and poor air with high specific gravity.So as to improve the quality of working area, create healthy, dry and safe working environment, improve working efficiency.
It is convenience to be operated, control system adopts the latest poleless frequency converter control system.besides of convenience operation, the humanized operation interface also allows you enjoy the beauty of electronic and mechanic achieve the life.

  1. Dehumidification

Because it can produce large air volume, effectively promote air circulation, so that the moisture is well dispersed, greatly reducing the probability of problems such as bedbugs, fungi and so on.
4)beautiful and durable
After complex surface treatment,the product can avoid the pain of period cleaning,the cost-performance ratio is the highest,the life of each fan can reach more than10 years.

  1. energy saving

The rated power of the motor on the fan is 1.5KW,each fan can cover 1000 square meter working area,8 hours per day, is just 10 degree power energy consumption,compared to typical small fans and high power consumption air condition, large industrial ceiling fan can be called model of energy saving, can greatly reduce your operation cost.
working principle :
Large ceiling fan is a series of products special developed for energy saving,working environment improvement. As we all know,refrigeration is not the only way to achieve the effect of cooling and comfort. The area of a fan could blow is determined by the diameter dimension of it, but has nothing to do with its speed.therefore, the industrial fan with large diameter and low speed combines all these characteristics . 
After years deeply research and exploration,by integrating oversea advanced aeronautic technology,we Dai sen developed a kind of propeller blades with outstanding performance,it conforms continuous and silent breeze by slowly rotation.The large volume of airflow generated by its unique and high efficient blades push down,thus a nearly perfect propeller exhaust is constructed.      
It pushes large volume of airflow to the ground,and constructed certain high level airflow moving horizontally,thus generates a overall air circulation.The advantage is overall ground coverage and three-dimensional circulation of air. 
The speed of wind generated by"Large industrial ceiling fan"is about 1-3m/s,completely calculated according to the best feeling of cooling when the airflow pass through human skin.too strong airflow makes people feel irritable,a sense of being blown directly,too high speed of airflow also makes people dizzy,only the through the evaporation of skin combines of breeze speed,can beautifies people's feeling of cooling.

Large Ventilation Ceiling Fan Covers 1000 Square Meters Cooling Area Large Ventilation Ceiling Fan Covers 1000 Square Meters Cooling Area

"DAISEN"industrial ceiling fan technical standard
Model Number ----------------------------------------------------------DS-7.3
Operation mode ---------------------------------------------------------Forward Run
Diameter ------------------------------------------------------------------24 FT / 7.3 Meters
Blade Style -------------------------------------------------------------  Airfoil/OP
Number of Blades   -------------------------------------------------------  6
Nominal Horsepower ------------------------------------------------  2.0 HP / 1.5 kW
Hanging Weight (average)  --------------------------------------  156Kg
Shipping Weight (Including control box, Mounting Hardware) (average)   186 Kg
Maximum dB-------------------------------------------------------------------60
(*dB Values Were Obtained by Testing. Specific Applications/Installation values may vary.

Technical requirements for key components
    1,  Blade: the blade of the fan is designed based on aerodynamics technology. It's extrusion formed and made of AI-Mg alloy No.6061 metal material.and passed T6 heat treatment. The surface of the blade is also passed Anti-corrosive treatment of abrasive oxidation. Each piece of bale includes three reinforced tendons and two isolation reinforced cavity, wide(W) 182mm, Height(H) 23mm,the thinnest part is 2mm, and the thickest part of connection area is 5mm( it's shape and simulation will be shown in coming pages ) ,the strength of 6061 T6 heat treated AI-Mg alloy material is much higher than 50XX series AI-Mg alloy material in our industry. Below table shows you mechanical properties comparison data(test report attached).     

(type of Aluminum material (25°C MPa)
Tensile Strength
(25°C MPa)
Yield strength
500kg 10mm ball
Extension rate
5052-H112 175 195 60 12
5083-H112 180 211 65 14
6061-T651 290 240 95 12

1, Chassis structure; integrative chassis design compared to other brands has stronger resolves the influence of instantaneous impact, it is machined via hot forging,laser cutting,CNC machining as well as Anti-corrosive treatment.
2 , motor,customized for large industrial ceiling fans. Its inner bearing is SKF brand imported from Sweden,the noise value of the whole equipment is less than 60dB,Super-high strength gear with input stage, 2 module, output stage, 3 module, large module and fine grinding process, 40mm strengthened trapezoidal axle outlet structure, SKF enlarged oil seal from Sweden, high-grade synthetic lubricant in British Roadster is lifelong oil-free and maintenance-free, and the motor adopts German H-class insulation grade.
3, Control system: Poleless frequency conversion control system uses Taiwan Shilin custom frequency converter (with industry standard certification), the circuit board interior adopts dust-proof and moisture-proof treatment, built-in Schneider air circuit breaker, overload and leakage protection, accidental automatic power failure and alarm output, alarm code intuitive detection of circuit failure, network RS485 communication can be used. Access to Industrial 4.0 Network, Anti-EMI, Dust and Waterproof IP66 Protection Level.
4,  Main frame: Q345B high strength structural steel is treated by laser - bending - full welding - plastic spraying and rust prevention. The shield adopts stainless steel material heat dissipation guide hole design to prevent motor from overheating, the upper part adopts row hole design (waist hole design does not have anti-skid function) adjustable installation, the lower part adopts transverse longitudinal two-way adjustable horizontal universal joint (only transverse one-way adjustment can not fully adjust the level in the industry), and the lower part is coupling. Structural design of interference and anti-dropping device

5.  Safety components: all connecting bolts are high strength bolts greater than 8.8 grade, high strength anti-skid nuts, anti-loosening thread glue, anti-loosening turnbuckle screw tension stable fan, part of the structure uses alloy steel bolts with high strength fastening thread glue, 4 pieces of 8 mm anti-rust plastic wrapped wire rope cable,plus anti-falling ring installed.

Performance (at max speed)
Displacement (fwd, blowing down)  ---------- 14800 CMM( m3/min)
Maximum Speed-----------------------------------------------------------  50 RPM
Power Usage @ Max. Speed ----------------------- 1.5 kW
Efficiency @ 100% Max. Speed  ------------------------------ 8.53CMM/Watt
Maximum Effective Area(varies according to different installation height, as well as below obstacles)----600-1400 m2
Typical Industrial Spacing --------------------------------------------12-40 Meter

Mounting Hardware
Standard Mount---------------------------------
Universal I-Beam Clamp w/ Swivel Joint and 250mm Drop
Glulam Mount (Optional) Brackets w/ Swivel Joint &200MM Drop

Additional Drop Extensions (Puyou)--------- Up to 2m in 20cm Increments
gear motor  ------------------------------------------------------- CV40-30-1500
bearing structure ------------------------------------------------------- SKF heavy load bearing
design life -------------------------------------------------------  12 years
HP  -------------------------------------------------------   2 / 1.5 kW
Ambient Operating Temperature-------------   -20 C° to +40C°
Insulation Class -------------------------------------- H
Protect Class------------------------------------------IP 55
Work Contition------------------------------------------- continuous S 1
Service Factor---------------------------------------- 0.8/0.78
Type -------------------------------------------------------- 2-Stage Helical
Service Interval-------------------------------------------synthetic gear lubricating grease,maintenance free
Motor Control Panel (MCP)
Standard Power and Max Amp Draw-------------------- --220V AC 2Ø (16A)   OR  380 AC 3Ø (20A)
power indication light-------------------------------------------------------fault/running(red/green)
RF Line Filter-------------------------------------RF
Air Breaker--------------------------------------- Schneider 220V1Ø 16A  380V3Ø16A
VFD Motor Drive Cable -----------------RVV1*
Frequency Converter-------------------------
poleless frequency controller,(1.5KW)|380V/220V
Safety Components
turnbuckle screw
mechanical anti-dropping structure
plastic coated steel cable
Blade Retainer Links (6), Safety Cable, Guy Wires (Ceiling mount only)
high strength screws and anti-skid nuts of 8.8,10.9, 12.9 grade for differnt structures.
one year part warranty on Motor,blade, Gearbox & Control Panel.

Varies of industrial ceiling fan option as below.

    Model    votage(V)    Power      diameter  Max speed   Volume         dB grade  weight

Model Voltage Power Diameter Max Speed Air Volume Noise weight
DS-7.3 220V/380V 1. 5KW 7.3m 50rpm 792000m3/H < 60db 156kg
DS-6.7 220V/380V 1. 5KW 7.3m 52rpm 660000m3/H < 60db 152kg
DS-6.0 220V/380V 1. 5KW 6.0m 55rpm 580000m3/H < 60db 147kg
DS-5.5 220V/380V 1. 5KW 5.5m 60rpm 465000m3/H < 60db 143kg
DS-5.0 220V/380V 1. 5KW 5.0m 65rpm 356000m3/H < 60db 140kg
DS-7.3 220V/380V 1. 4KW 7.3m 50rpm 792000m3/H ≤40db l14kg
DX-6.T 220V/380V 1. 4KW 6.7m 52rpm 660000m3/H ≤40db 110kg
DX-6.0 220V/380V 1. 2KW 6.0m 55rpm 580000m3/H ≤40db 105kg
DX-5.5 220V/380V 1. 0KW 5.5m 60rpm 465000m3/H ≤30db 98kg
DX-5.0 220V/380V 0.75KW 5.0m 65rpm 356000m3/H ≤30db 72kg
DX-4.2 220V/380V 0.5KW 4.2m 80rpm 260000m3/H ≤30db 60kg
DX-3.6 220V/380V 0.5KW 3.6m 100rpm 180000m3/H ≤30db 56kg

for more detail product information,please feel free to contact our oversea sales department.


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